Glory Hole Fun At Home

Here's a wonderful image. Not for it's pixel quality; it's actually just a screen grab from a home video. But the idea is beautiful. From what I can tell, a husband and wife have decided to play glory hole at home. 

It looks like they live in an older home, maybe Victorian through Arts and Crafts Bungalow--the home with small closets, with cut-glass door knobs, and inlaid mirrors. It appears that they unscrewed the closet doorknob, and pulled it out, leaving the bore hole, perfect for a glory hole. 

They've set up a camera on a tripod, pointed at the door. The husband goes in, shuts the door, and then pushes his cock through the hole. The wife, in the room, in front of the camera, does the rest.

What a great way to spend a weekend afternoon.


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